Autumn Buck | Office Administrator

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Most people know how excited I get when talking about homes. I'm sure my friends and family can't even tally up all the hours I spend absorbing HGTV shows, gaping at floor plans and restorations and modern renovations. I can't deny it; I love what home means to people, and how that care manifests. That's why working at Inhabit, even in an office capacity, is a blast for me.

I moved to Oregon for college, one of those California transplants. After frequent visits to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival during high school, I knew this rainy state would be my home someday. I wasn't ready to leave it after completing my BFA in theatre at Southern Oregon University, so I packed up my car and headed further north. Portland has fast become a place I could call home for my entire family unit (me, my partner, and our corgi named Applesauce). It's an easy place to love and admire and feel proud to live in, especially if you're a fan of beer or coffee or rivers or art. And I'm a huge fan of all of those things.

Working at Inhabit is a fantastic opportunity, and I love observing such beautiful homes while maintaining an office full of the necessary tools for Inhabit's agents. It's the best of both worlds, which is how I feel about Portland: it's the best of the Northwest, the best of everything else I enjoy and find necessary to create a home of my own.