Happy Inhabiters - "Eric seems more like a home buyer's superhero than a realtor."

"My house feels like it has been my house for much longer than it has and I feel very comfortable here. I have all the confidence in the world that I could not have found a better home and that I could not have done it without you. Thank you once more for all of your patience, knowledge, kindness and advocacy on my behalf. I feel so fortunate to have met you and to have had you as our agent. After our first tour with you, all three of us could not stop raving and I think my initial quote said it best, "he seems more like a home buyer's superhero than a realtor".  Your new branding and the beauty of Inhabit is such a testament to that. In my own experience and what I have observed of the Portland market coverage, I would certainly agree with you that something was missing. It is contemporary, innovative, inclusive and holistic. Something any discriminating buyer is going to gravitate towards and appreciate. "

~ Tura B.