Margaret Gerlt | Broker

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Margaret is a Portland native who couldn't be more proud of her city.  As she was growing up she always dreamed of bigger places to move to but then realized she was in the best place already. She has spent decades moving from house to house and loves to talk about the many changes mixed with die hard staples that this city holds dear. Some of Portland's finest moments she watched, some she heard about and a few she might have had a hand in.

Margaret realized her need to get into the Portland real estate game and bought her first house near Mt. Tabor at 23 years old.  She remodeled the house, loved it for a few years and then moved on to the next bungalow that needed a hug & a hammer.  Meanwhile she got her degree from PSU and worked as a Psychologist which gave her the ability to negotiate and handle difficult situations while keeping the big picture in perspective. In her off time she continued remodeling or renovating more properties around Portland and is currently working on number seven. Early on she realized that working with houses and people were her passion so in 2009 she became a Realtor.

Margaret shares a unique perspective in seeing each property's potential for growth or pit falls. She is honest with her buyers and would rather pound the pavement for the prince then marry her client to the first frog they kiss. She understands the intensely competitive market in Portland and prides herself on being successful in finding and then getting her clients great houses.  

She also loves listing houses when the time comes for her clients to start another adventure and nothing is better then going full circle.  Margaret understands the listing market in Portland and will help you from the first steps of thinking about selling, what projects to tackle or not, staging, marketing and through to celebrating the sale. Margaret prides herself on being a great negotiator for her clients, hard worker and protecting her client's best interest from start to finish in every way.

In her off time from helping other people fulfill their housing dreams, Margaret is renovating a 102-year-old Craftsman next door to the house her father grew up in off Hawthorne near Mt Tabor.  She is married to another Portland native, has two growing boys, a rescue lab, a naughty kitty and a VW camper van with a pop up top that they all like to take into the NW woods.