I love what I do! I love helping people and it is really important for me to go over and beyond for my clients. For my buyers, I am proactive. I am always searching, touring and sending them homes with feedback and not waiting for them to find their own on Zillow or Redfin.

My favorite buyer story this year were my clients Wendy and Josh. I met them at an open house and they were from out of state. They actually purchased a home they didn't see in person! This was after weeks of online searching and a weekend in some homes together. I felt like I really knew the kind of home they were looking for and thankfully they fell in love!

More important than finding the home is getting through the 45 day close. Choosing the right lender, home inspections, repair negotiations, adhering to timelines and deadlines, but MOST important to me is communication. Not only communication with my clients but with all other parties involved in the transaction. My clients always know exactly where we are at and what is coming next.

I love working with buyers and up until this year they were my primary focus. I was so excited to start working with sellers and quickly snagged a few listings. Being a buyers agent I know exactly what makes a fantastic listing agent. I know exactly what buyers are looking for when they tour your home and apply the same amount of time and care to get it to close. Before I went out on my own I worked for a team. I was a part of over 60 transactions last year!

As soon as you get to know me you will be confident in my knowledge and ability to protect your investment. I look forward to meeting you!

We’ve worked with 3 other real estate agents before Marisa, and I always felt like maybe we could have done it ourselves. But from the very first few emails Marisa sent us, I knew that we couldn’t buy our house in Portland without her. She was impressive from minute one until now, even after close. Her knowledge of houses and the complete real estate process is top notch. She’s incredibly intelligent about every aspect including home selection, inspections, negotiations, closing and more. We moved to Portland from out of state, and we trusted her so much after one weekend of looking at houses together that we bought a house she recommended site unseen. I think that sums it up. I’m sitting in our magical house now and am so thankful that we found Marisa!
— Wendy Combs

Marisa was a blessing! Marisa’s support from start to finish made for a very positive and surprisingly fun experience. She genuinely considered what was important to me, helped me prioritize, and consistently steered me in the right direction. More importantly, she always gave me her honest opinion. If I became unrealistic for lack of knowledge, she provided the information needed to make informed decisions. When I had tough considerations she was my sounding board, I really felt like I could depend on her. In the end not only do I have a beautiful home that I love, but a beautiful friend to match- Thank you Marisa!
— Sarah Best

I am not a first time homebuyer, but it had been a while since I’d owned a home in the Portland area. Marisa was patient and thoughtful as we discussed my needs and wants for my home. She was clear with me- “we are only going to look at homes you love”, she said. And that was such an efficient strategy. Thank you Marisa, for helping me find a place that’s just right for me and my family.
— Heidi Busche

As a first time home buyer with multiple special conditions, Marisa Mazur was a godsend when I began my search for a home. My mother was critically ill and I needed to make very specific considerations concerning access for her. I had never had a home of my own before and very little idea what I wanted for myself because of that. My level of fear and ignorance was extreme and made my purchase very emotional. Marisa was so considerate, diligent, and receptive to all my needs in ways that I myself could not have done without her. She continued to show me homes and listen to my comments along the way and helped me form a solid idea of what I actually wanted. We found the perfect home for me and my family primarily due to the excellence of Marisa’s skill level and relentless effort and attention. Marisa helped me arrange and attended all of my inspections explaining the importance of each one as we went along. The housing market in Portland is more competitive than it has ever been in its entire history and the day we closed on my house I knew exactly how lucky I was to have found Marisa as my realtor. Thank you Marisa for all that you do and how well you do all of those things.
— Tammy Wilkins