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Evans has been a fan of real estate her whole life. Growing up, she and her mom would sneak into spec houses while they were under construction and imagine what the spaces would be like when completed and who might live there. Flash forward to today, after studying architecture and art in the US and abroad and holding a masters degree in landscape architecture, Evans is right where she wants to be: working as a real estate broker in Portland, Oregon.

Years of community advocacy and design work have given her the ability to listen to people’s needs and figure out how to meet those needs, no matter how challenging the situation. Some of the most interesting and rewarding work has been through working on planning issues at the neighborhood and community level; a privilege that has allowed her to actively improve communities for all. She has also honed her practical real estate skills while working as an assistant for Chylese Austin, one of the co-founders of Inhabit Real Estate. Through her community and design work Evans has cultivated an eye to see the potential in a home and the surrounding area. Her resourcefulness is an ultimate force for good because it allows her to manifest the most challenging of her client’s dreams.

Creating resilience is a passion; Evans has a deep understanding of how the built environment interacts with the natural landscape. This skill has been developed through academic study and practical application. Evans continues to work with her husband as they slowly renovate their own home with the ultimate goal of net zero energy and water use.

Family is what ties everything together. Nothing beats an afternoon spent with her husband and young son just hanging out in the backyard with the chickens or relaxing with friends in the Cullyhood.


Adorable Light-Filled Bungalow in Woodlawn


2bed / 1 bath
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