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Jessica was born and raised in Seattle. A desire to explore more of the Pacific Northwest, led her to Portland State University, where she graduated in 2007 with a degree in English Literature. After quickly falling in love with our city, Jessica decided to made it her permanent home. With post-graduate experience in the hospitality industry, and then later property management, Jessica was logically led into residential real estate.

Jessica tours the neighborhood listings avidly, and maintains an excellent grasp of value and movement in the current highly active local market as a result. The diligence that property management required has prepared her well for providing informed market analysis reports (“CMAs”) for home values. The excellent customer service skills that the hospitality world commanded are now formidable assets in Jessica’s toolkit. They insure her ability to advocate fiercely for her clients.

Jessica and her husband recently purchased their first home in the Woodstock neighborhood and have enjoyed restoring the home to it’s prime. Jessica has a passion for older homes and finding the unrealized potential where others might overlook. When not touring homes, you can findJessica in the garden, reading a good book, traveling, or enjoying all Portland has to offer with her family and friends.

Planting the seeds of a true “Home” has always been close to Jessica’s heart. Jessica is very passionate about helping people find their place in Portland, just as she found hers.


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Jessica Worl