Happy Agents

I did a tremendous amount of research when deciding which local real estate brokerage to join. I wanted to join a company of top performing brokers who supported each other in a collaborative environment. I was also deliberate in making sure that I continued growing and learning and Inhabit’s mentorship and training program really stood out from the rest.

Alison Derse

If you want to align with a forward thinking collaborative company, Inhabit is the place.  You will work with an owner who is involved and truly cares about the success of all the brokers and brokers who are not competitive and willing to share their knowledge.

Jessica Andrus

Boutique is better for a reason. A smaller company yields more
attention and support, as well as, more unique marketing strategies that the larger companies don’t utilize. You’ll stand out in the marketplace as an Inhabit broker.

Brittany Bragg

I knew I wanted a Brokerage that reflected my values – a commitment to client care, expert knowledge, and a passion for all things Portland.

Shane Morgan

At Inhabit, the office is a collegial atmosphere not a cut-throat one. I’ve never been afraid to ask a question or run my ideas by one, two, even ten people. Collectively, Inhabit brokers offer a wealth of knowledge and resources and no one ever seems too busy to offer up an experienced opinion or referral. The same kind of helpful spirit and resourcefulness that we offer our clients is extended to our colleagues.

Kelley Hutchison

Inhabit has always embraced the changes in not just the market, but also the changes in the industry itself and how it operates. In a progressive city like Portland, we need progressive realtors, meaning we need realtors who are excited for the changing times, not ones who fight it. That goes for our demographic, inventory and industry.

Sebastian Tannenberger

The team at Inhabit drew me in immediately. It’s a collaborative, supportive atmosphere that encourages agents to always put our clients’ needs first. By doing that, using the systems and practices we have here, we maintain high integrity while increasing our client base.

Amy Seaholt

Compared to other realty companies, Inhabit has more of a neighborhood feel.  You’ll find a sense of true team collective and a dedication to work-life balance.

Byron Twyman

I chose Inhabit because I like the boutique, family-oriented feel, as well as, their values and community focus.  The emphasis is on creating clients for a lifetime and not the turn-and-burn mentality of larger volume driven brokerages.

Mikayla Mason

From day one, I have been so impressed with the Inhabit community, it is truly a special place to work and I felt immediately comfortable with the company’s values, expertise, style, and sales approach. I know I have what it takes to ramp up quickly and be a very successful broker here.

Alison Derse

Inhabit brokers, in my opinion, are second to none.  They are kind, genuine and hardworking.  There is a deep will to do what is right for our clients.

Calle Holmgren

The owner of Inhabit is very approachable, provides great mentoring and helps brokers become successful by offering great marketing tools and continuing education courses.

Linda Nyman